Glass  Surface With  Resist  Material

P r o c e s s

​S h I m a  S a n i  C h e i i 

Removed  From  Blasting  Booth

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Sandblasting Equipment

F i n i

E t c h e d  and  C a r v e d  G l a s s

V a n  M e t e r  S t u d i o

The Olde Mill Pond - F I n i

There are several stages necessary to produce the effects of etched and carved glass. The piece  is prepared with a resist material to protect the glass, then the  art work is drawn upon the surface and each line of the design is carefully hand-cut with an Exacto knife. When it's ready I take it to the sandblasting booth and It goes on from there. The sandblasting process is tedious and at times unforgiving. It requires precision control, close attention to detail and patience. The procedure becomes more complex when multilevel carving and shading techniques are used. Each piece takes many long hours to complete, and each is unique.

S h i m a  S a n i  C h e i i

Sandblasting Cabinet