Ginkgo Leaf Cluster

V a n  M e t e r  S t u d i o

Etched Ginkgo Leaf  $75



​​Copper Bezel Mount 

​​​​Michelangelo's Family Crest

​​​​​​​​​​​​MapleLeaf Frosted

​​Carved  Black Onyx $125

Copper Bezel Mounting  $125


Michelangelo's Family Crest

Copper ​Bezel Back

P e n d a n t   C o l l e c t i o n 

"Tree of Life"

Copper Bezel Mounting 25mm

Loon with Chick / Carved Black Onyx



​​Carved Black Onyx / Ginkgo Leaf Cluster  $135


Copper Bezel Mount / Vintage Chain


Sterling Bezel Mount  $135

​ Copper Bezel Mount $75

30mm by 40mm

Sterling Silver Bezel Mount 30mm

​​​​​​Sterling Silver Ring Mount  $135

 ​E t c h e d and C a r v e d  G l a s s

Carved Ginkgo Leaf

​​​Fancy Jasper Stone

Sterling Bezel Mount  $135


​​​Sterling Silver Ring Mount  $135

Frosted/Carved Ginkgo Leaf  $135

​ ​​Black Onyx Carved Leaves  $125

Sterling Silver Ring Mount

​​​​​The pendants are worn by both men and women and can be specially ordered. The "Tree of Life" is embossed on the back of one version of the copper pendant bezel trays. I am working on new Celtic designs now.

                     Smiles to you

​                        Tara