Black Onyx Ginkgo Leaf Cluster  ​

​​​​ Loon & Baby  

​​Michelangelo's Crest 

Special Orders Taken

Original art pendants hand-crafted in Black Onyx or clear glass and  ​mounted in sterling silver and copper settings.  The "Tree of Life" is embossed on the back of  one version of a copper pendant along with a vintage chain. 



​​Ginkgo Leaf 

Embossed Pendant Back

​​​Carved Clear Glass and Vintage Chain

 E t c h e d  and  C a r v e d  G l a s s

​​​​​Copper Mounting

Sterling Silver 

Hand-Crafted Pendants

G a l l e r y

V a n  M e t e r  S t u d i o